To facilitate a smooth process when handling a specific instance, the NCP has included some points on confidentiality and transparency with regard to the NCP procedure.

Communication to the general public

In principle, neither the NCP nor the parties involved may make information from the specific instance or the subsequent proceedings publicly available.

Exceptions to this principle of confidentiality are:

  • the initial assessment issued by the NCP
  • when the party that has provided information has granted permission for making that information publicly available
  • the final statement from the NCP

Communication between parties

To ensure the proceedings’ transparency, parties are encouraged to share all communication with one another. If one of the parties communicates directly with the NCP, the NCP will inform the other party, unless explicitly requested not to do so by the communicating party.

Public statements and appearances

The parties should bear in mind the possible influence any public appearances or public statements could have on the success of the proceedings, even in cases where agreements on confidentiality are not at issue.