X Competition

OECD Guidelines Chapter 10: Competition

Competition is important for a well functioning economy. Within applicable laws and regulations there should be as much competition as possible.

Some OECD recommendations are:

  • Carry out your activities in a manner consistent with all applicable competition laws and regulations, taking into account the competition laws of all jurisdictions in which the activities may have anti-competitive effects.
  • Co-operate with investigating competition authorities by, among other things and subject to applicable law and appropriate safeguards, providing responses as promptly and completely as practical to requests for information.
  • Regularly promote employee awareness of the importance of competition and train senior management in relation to competition issues.

Additionally, refrain from establishing anti-competitive agreements, for example to:

  1. fix prices
  2. make rigged bids
  3. establish output restrictions or quotas
  4. share or divide markets by allocating customers, suppliers, territories or lines of commerce.