VIII Consumer Interests

OECD Guidelines Chapter 8: Consumer Interests

When dealing with consumers a business should act in accordance with fair business, marketing and advertising practices and should take all reasonable steps to ensure the quality and reliability of the goods and services that it provides.

The following Guidelines apply:

  • Ensure the goods and services you provide meet all required standards for consumer health and safety.
  • Provide accurate and plain information about the composition and use of your products or services that enables consumers to make informed decisions. Don’t, under any circumstance, provide false information, omit information or mislead consumers.
  • Implement accessible and clear costumer care. By efficiently handling complaints, costumers maintain confidence in your company and its products and services, but it will also provide you with valuable information to potentially improve your products or services. Consumers have the right to quick and efficient solutions without extra expenses or procedures.
  • Respect consumer privacy and take reasonable measures to ensure the security of personal data.
  • Co-operate fully with public authorities to diminish or prevent serious threats to public health and safety or to the environment deriving from the consumption, use or disposal of your goods and services.