NCP Stakeholders Meeting dedicated to transparency and impact within the supply chain

Every internationally operating organization faces an expanded and complex variety of players within their supply chain. What are the best ways to gain new insights in this chain and how can organizations have a positive impact? This will be the main subject discussed during the NCP Stakeholder Meeting, which will take place next November 28th in The Hague.

During the meeting topics such as living wages, the freedom to be represented by unions, freedom of association and environmental issues will be discussed. Improvements within the supply chain could be achieved if organizations look at the complete supply chain. Small changes within the supply chain may already have a positive effect.

A number of best practices, considerations to be made by businesses and other stakeholders will be presented during the Stakeholder Meeting and of course there will be an opportunity for speakers and attendants to further discuss these issues.

The NCP stakeholder meetings are biannual meetings intended to bring together companies, NGOs and other organizations with an interest in corporate social responsibility and the OECD Guidelines and discuss dilemmas and challenges they face when putting the OECD Guidelines into practice.

Further information about this Stakeholders Meeting will soon be published on the events page.