Netherlands NCP strengthened with revised government decree

For The Netherlands NCP to continue to carry out its work solidly and in view of future developments, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs has published a revised government decree on the establishment of the NCP.

The new decree conforms with current developments within the international domain of CSR and responsible business conduct and fits within the ambitious agenda of the Netherlands on this topic. The new decree has resulted in a number of changes, for example concerning dialogue and consultation.

The 2014 government decree includes the following changes, some of which are currently already part of the NCP practice.

  • The Netherlands NCP will have the possibility for a more explicit role interpreting the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises. For example, it will be possible for the Dutch government to request cross-company/industry-wide research performed by the NCP or the NCP could have a role in setting up international CSR covenants.
  • There is now more room for the NCP to lead and guide dialogues about the OECD Guidelines, also when there is no formal notification about an alleged breach of the Guidelines.
  • Consultation of the NCP with stakeholders like VNO-NCW, OECD Watch and FNV (also on behalf of other unions), the so called NCP+, is now formalized.
  • In addition to existing counseling and guidance from members of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Economic Affairs, Infrastructure and Environment and Social Affairs and Employment, the NCP now has the opportunity to also seek advice from other ministries, when this relates to potential future CSR discussions in the domain of these departments.

The formal documents confirming this government decree are currently only available in Dutch, please see the Dutch pages for this.