Initial Assessment of 4 Trade Unions vs APG Asset Management

The Dutch NCP has accepted the notification of 4 Trade Unions (IUF, EFFAT-IUF, SEIU and UGT) regarding an alleged violation of the OECD Guidelines by APG Asset Management. 

The notification regards alleged gender-based violence and harassment (GBVH) in the global operations of McDonalds Corporation and related due diligence by two institutional investors: APG Asset Management and Norges Bank (NBIM). 

The Dutch, US and Norwegian NCPs agreed that the US NCP will handle the specific instance concerning McDonalds Corporation, The Norwegian NCP the specific instance related NBIM and the Dutch NCP the specific instance regarding APG. 

The NCP is of the opinion that the notification merits further consideration and has offered its good offices to the Trade Unions and APG. Both parties have accepted the NCP's offer.