Initial Assessment of the notification of the FNV vs Just Eat

The Dutch NCP has accepted a recent notification by FNV regarding an alleged violation of the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises by Just Eat 

The notification regards alleged violations of the chapter Employment and Industrial Relations (Chapter V) of the OECD Guidelines. According to the notifying party Just Eat did, as a parent company, not sufficiently execute its due diligence responsibilities under the OECD Guidelines with regard to the freedom of association of workers at one of their subsidiaries in Israel. 

The NCP is of the opinion that the notification merits further consideration and has offered its good offices to both parties. The notifying party has already accepted NCP’s good offices. Unfortunately, Just Eat has so far not accepted the NCP’s offer. If Just Eat doesn’t accept the good offices or if the parties cannot reach agreement as a result of the good offices, the NCP will examine the issues and provide recommendations concerning the observance of the Guidelines. The NCP will then complete the procedure by issuing a Final Statement, which will also be published on the NCP website.