Final Statement regarding the specific instance of FNV, ITF, PSI, IndustriALL Global Union vs. Chevron Netherlands BV et al.

The Dutch NCP has published a Final Statement on the specific instance of FNV, ITF, PSI, IndustriALL Global Union vs Chevron Netherlands BV et al. on March 24, 2022.

The notification regards alleged violations of the chapters Disclosure and Taxation of the OECD Guidelines. According to the notifying parties 14 Dutch entities of Chevron do not disclose the required business information and display characteristics which indicate they are letterbox companies. Based on this, the notifying parties stated that the companies are not acting in line with the spirit of the Dutch law which offers tax benefits to companies with actual business activities in the Netherlands. 

It was the NCP’s opinion that this notification merited further consideration and therefore the NCP offered its good offices to both parties (see initial assessment dated 22 June 2021). The notifying party accepted the NCP’s offer, but Chevron did not. Therefore the Dutch NCP conducted its own investigation of which the results are described in the Final Statement. With this publication the NCP procedure is concluded.

The NCP will conduct an Evaluation of the Final Statement in 2023 in order to see whether any of the NCP’s recommendations have led to some kind of follow-up. The Evaluation will also be published.