Publication initial assessment for Stapert - Mylan

The Netherlands NCP published its initial assessment on the specific instance “Stapert - Mylan”, July 17, 2015.

Conclusion of the initial assessment

The NCP is of the opinion that this specific instance merits further consideration and will therefore, in accordance with the Netherlands NCP specific instance procedure, offer its good offices to facilitate a dialogue between the parties.

The objective is to bring parties to agreement on the non-primary functional use of medicine in general and rocuronium bromide in particular, in capital punishment. In the opinion of the NCP this may help clarify the OECD due diligence recommendations for the pharmaceutical sector in relation to the possible human rights abuses associated with the use of medicines in lethal injections. Both parties accepted the NCP offer to engage in mediation.

Mediation procedures need to be informal and confidential, in order to encourage open discussion. Parties will agree to observe confidentiality during the dialogue which the NCP offers to facilitate following the conclusion of the initial assessment phase.
The initial assessment can be read in the document below, which describes the considerations by the Netherlands NCP regarding this specific instance in full.