Final Statement Bart Stapert, attorney, vs Mylan

The Dutch National Contact Point published its Final Statement on the specific instance “Bart Stapert vs. Mylan on 11 April, 2016. The final statement describes the process and outcomes of the dialogue facilitated by the NCP.

The NCP appreciates the willingness of Mylan to enter into a dialogue with Bart Stapert and is pleased that parties were brought to an agreement on the non-primary functional use of medicine in general and rocuronium bromide in particular, in capital punishment. In the opinion of the NCP this may help clarify the OECD due diligence recommendations for the pharmaceutical sector in relation to the possible human rights abuses associated with the use of medicines in lethal injections.

The final statement can be read in the document below, which describes the considerations by the NCP regarding this specific instance in full.