Risk Analysis starting point for decreasing CSR risks

13 Dutch business sectors have an increased CSR risk. This is the conclusion of the CSR Risk Analysis report KPMG recently conducted on behalf of the Dutch government. The report provides a starting point for sectors to create a plan for their industry to decrease these risks.

KPMG was commissioned by the Dutch government to analyse 86 business sectors. The goal was to gain insight into which industries have an increased CSR risk and what the businiess sectors are doing to take responsibility to keep these risks under control.

According to the report, 13 from the 86 analysed industries have an increased CSR risk: retail,energy, finance, wholesale, wood, paper, agriculture, metal, oil and gas, textile, food, construction and chemical.

The Risk Analysis is a prelude to executing due diligence by the Dutch business community and is a start for dialogue between the concerning industries and stakeholders, so that industry-wide actions can be taken and CSR risks can be structurally decreased. The Dutch government has stated that the industries are initially responsible for taking action, though the Social and Economic Council of the Netherlands (SER) has been asked to advise the industries concerning the implementation of CSR agreements.

Read the complete (Dutch) government letter to parliament about the Sector Risk Analysis.