Notification Both ENDS- Fórum Suape-Atradius DSB

The Netherlands NCP published its initial assessment on the specific instance “Both ENDS, Fórum Suape, Conectas, Colônia de Pescadores do Município - Atradius Dutch State Business" on 3 December 2015. Today the English translation was published.

Conclusion of the Initial Assessment:
The Dutch NCP is of the opinion that this specific instance merits further consideration and will therefore, in accordance with its specific instance procedure, offer its good offices to facilitate a dialogue between Both ENDS and ADSB.

The objective is to help the parties reach an agreement on the NCP’s recommendations regarding addressing issues connected to the case itself and issues relating to due diligence, monitoring and leverage for the ECA sector on the basis of the Guidelines. Both sides, the Dutch State/ADSB and the NGOs involved, have accepted the NCP’s offer to engage in mediation.

Mediation procedures need to be informal and confidential, in order to encourage open discussion. Parties will agree to observe confidentiality during the dialogue which the NCP offers to facilitate following the conclusion of the initial assessment phase. The initial assessment can be read in the document below, which describes the considerations by the Netherlands NCP regarding this specific instance in full.