Final statement NCP specific instance 4 Trade Unions vs APG Asset Management

On February 3, 2022 the Dutch National Contact Point (NCP) published a Final Statement on the specific instance of 4 Trade Unions (IUF, EFFAT-IUF, SEIU and UGT) vs APG Asset Management. The by the Netherlands NCP mediated dialogue between parties not only resulted in a final statement but also in an agreement between parties. The agreement is attached to the final statement.

The notification concerns alleged gender-based violence and harassment (GBVH) in the global operations of McDonalds Corporation and related due diligence by two institutional investors: APG Asset Management and Norges Bank (NBIM).

The specific instance regarding APG has been handled by the Dutch NCP. The specific instances regarding the McDonalds Corporation and the Norges Bank (NBIM) are being handled by the NCPs of the USA and Norway. 

The specific instance regarding APG has been finalized. For further information on the course of the NCP-process and the NCP’s recommendations, please read to the Final Statement.

At the moment of publication of the APG final statement the specific instances, handled by the NCPs of the USA and Norway, have not yet been finalized.