Final Statement Aminigboko Community vs. the Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited and Shell Headquarters

The Dutch NCP has published the Final Statement on the specific instance of the Aminigboko community vs SPDC and Shell Headquarters on 10 February 2023.

The notification regards alleged violations of the first eight chapters of the OECD Guidelines, amongst which General Policies, Disclosure, Human Rights and Environment. According to the notifying parties, the enterprise has, amongst others, established parallel leadership of the community and polarized it, not disclosed the environmental impact assessment to the community, not cleaned up oil contamination and forcefully entered the land with armed forces. 

It was the NCP’s opinion that this notification merited further consideration and therefore the NCP offered its good offices to both parties (see initial assessment). The notifying party accepted the NCP’s offer, but the enterprise did not. Therefore the Dutch NCP conducted a further examination, the results are described in the Final Statement. The NCP has made recommendations concerning the issues raised and the cooperation with legitimate grievance mechanisms, such as the NCP.

With this publication the NCP procedure is concluded. In 2024 the NCP will conduct a follow-up to evaluate what has taken place in relation to the NCP’s recommendations. The follow-up will be published.