Initial Assessment of the notification by FNV and CNV vs Plantion and VBN

On 22 February 2023, the Dutch NCP declared a notification by two Dutch trade unions, FNV and CNV, concerning an alleged violation of the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises by flower auction Plantion and Dutch flower auctions association VBN inadmissible.

According to the notifying parties, Plantion excluded them to take part in the negotiations concerning a new collective bargaining agreement. By doing this, Plantion acted (according to the notifying parties) against the right of workers to join trade unions and representative organisations of their own choosing, and against the right of workers to be represented by trade unions and representative organisations of their own choosing recognized for the purpose of collective bargaining.

The NCP is of the opinion that the notification does not merit further consideration, among others because the notification largely lacks an international or cross-border dimension. Therefore, the Dutch NCP considers itself not the right entity to deal with the notification concerning the alleged violation by Plantion and VBN. By issuing this Initial Assessment, the NCP-notification procedure has ended.

The English translation of this Initial Assessment will follow.